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Classroom Winning
Winning Classroom Kit

WINNING Classroom Kit for 10 Students

Researched and designed to teach older students how to read, write, and spell using an age-appropriate curriculum that goes step by step to independent reading ability. Tests incorporated throughout curriculum. WINNING has a long track record of success and many testimonials from satisfied users.

The 10 Student Classroom Kit Includes: The Winning Phonics Songs CD, The Winning Phonics Songs DVD, Instructors Seminar DVD (Sue shows you exactly how to use the program step-by-step on this DVD.) 4 separate Student Books (10-Fronrunner, 10-Breakaway, 10-Pacesetter, 10-Airborn) and 4 instructors Manuals, A-Z Pick-A-Sound Game, Letter Cluster Pick-A-Sound Game, Raceway Markers, 10 sets of Plastic Chips, Ferris Wheel Chart, “A” Chart, Ferris Wheel Tickets, “E” Chart, “I” Chart, “O” Chart, “U” Chart, Long and Short Vowel Cards, Two Vowel Chart, Letter Cluster Chart verses 1 & 2, Letter Cluster Chart verses 3 & 4, Mr. GH Chart, Checkered Flag Chart, Raceway Chart, comes in a custom box.

For 4th grade and up non-readers, struggling readers, L.D., and Special Education Students.